All-Inclusive Membership

Interview with Kinetic Insights' Kristi Thompson!

Interview with Glasstire's Ariane Roesche!


It's All In The Box

Membership dues include all meetings, meals, workshop and event fees, and so on.  Know exactly how much this program will cost from the moment you sign up.

Grow Your Network

Whether an entrepreneur, artisan, performer, or sales representative, you'll love our guarantee that you will reach the whole room via our OPEN MIC events, luncheons, dinners, workshops & more!  We offer a mosaic of opportunity!   

​​​​​Interview with Guitarist,

​Eve Woodard!

Interview with Musician & Activist, Pam Hobart

​​Are you tired of expensive, structured groups that fail to provide adequate exposure and promotion?  Look No Further! 

Mosaic Mixers is a networking opportunity like no other where you are guaranteed to network with the whole room!  Don't miss a single person as everyone gets their shot on the open mic for their company updates and announcements, over a nice meal!  Every other month members can participate in Holiday Hub Hops - public marketing events curated in highly trafficked areas of town specifically designed for you to sell and market your products and services!   Workshops and classes further enhance the value of the all-inclusive, no hidden fees membership!

Get the Word Out

We strongly believe in delivering innovative methods of promotion for our members!  Examples include (website, social media, email blasts, and more!)

Obtain New Customers

Your circle of customers will only grow with our many built-in opportunities to meet prospective customers face to face!